4N25 Optocoupler

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Introduction :

4N25  Optocoupler also called optoisolator and photocoupler.

4N25  Optocoupler is a general purpose optocoupler.

It consists of consists of one IR LED and one phototransistor / Detector which detects the light comes from the IR LED. 4N25 also having the base pin of the detector transistor connected with the pin6 of the body.

So you can control transistor by two inputs one from the IR LED light which is connected to pin1 and pin2 and other from controlling the transistor with its base.

Features :

  • IR LED Reverse Voltage Maximum: 5V.
  • IR LED Reverse Current Maximum: 100uA.
  • Maximum voltage across collector and emitter : 70V.
  • Maximum current at transistor collector : 100mA.
  •  IR LED Forward Current during ON : 10mA.
  • IR LEDForward Voltage for turning ON: 1.25V-1.5V.
  • Package : DIP 6pin.