74HC147 (10-to-4 Line Priority Encoder)

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Introduction :

74HC147 (10-to-4 Line Priority Encoder).

 74HC147 is a high speed silicon-gate CMOS devices and are pin-compatible with low power Schottky TTL (LSTTL). 

74HC147 9-input priority encoders accept data from nine active LOW inputs (l1 to l9) and provide binary representation on the four active LOW inputs (Y0 to Y3).

Features :

  • 10-to-4 Line Priority Encoder.     
  • Logic Family: HCT.     
  • Propagation Delay Time: 35ns at 4.5V.                     
  • Number of Lines In/Out: 9 / 4.                  
  • Supply Voltage Range: 2V-6V.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -400C to +1250C.
  • Package: DIP-16.