74HC283 ( 4 Bit Binary Adder)

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Introduction :

74HC283 is a full adder performs the addition of two 4-bit binary numbers utilizing advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology.

The sum (R) outputs are provided for each bit and the resultantcarry (C4) is obtained from the fourth bit.

These adders feature full internal look ahead across all four bits.

This provides the system designer with partial look-ahead performance at the economy and reduced package count of a ripple-carry implementation.The adder logic, including the carry, is implemented in its true form meaning that the end-around carry can be accom-plished without the need for logic or level inversion. All inputs are protected from damage due to static discharge byinternal diode clamps to VCC and ground

Features :

  • Logic Type:4 Bit Binary Adder.
  • Supply Voltage Range: 2V to 6V.
  • High noise immunity.
  • Logic Case Style: DIP.
  • No. of Pins: 16.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C.