74HC595 Shift Register

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Introduction :

74HC595N is a simple 8-bit shift register IC.

Simply put, this shift register is a device that allows additional inputs or outputs to be added to a microcontroller by converting data between parallel and serial formats.

Your chosen microprocessor is able to communicate with the

74HC595N using serial information then gathers or outputs information in a parallel (multi-pin) format. Essentially it takes 8 bits from the serial input and then outputs them to 8 pins.

This small DIP packaged IC contains an 8-bit, serial-in parallel-out shift register that feeds an 8-bit D-type storage register with parallel 3-state outputs.

Features :

  • Logic Type:  Shift Register.
  • Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V.
  • High-Current 3-State Outputs Can Drive Up to 15 LSTTL Loads.
  • Low Power Consumption: 80-μA.
  • ±6-mA Output Drive at 5 V.
  • Logic Case Style: DIP.
  • No. of Pins: 16.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C.