74HC85 (4-bit Magnitude Comparator)

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Introduction :

74HC85 is a 4-bit magnitude comparator that can be expanded to almost any length.  They perform comparison of two 4-bit binary, BCD or other monotonic codes and present the three possible magnitude results at the outputs (QA>B, QA=B and QA<B).The 4-bit inputs are weighted (A0 to A3 and B0 to B3), where A3 and B3 are the most significant bits. For proper compare operation the expander inputs (IA>B, IA=B and IA<B)to the least significant position must be connected as follows: IA<B = IA>B = LOWand IA=B = HIGH. For words greater than 4-bits, units can be cascaded by connecting outputs QA>B, QA=B and QA<B to the corresponding inputs of the significant comparator.Inputs include clamp diodes. This enables the use of current limiting resistors to interface inputs to voltages in excess of VCC.


Features :

  • Logic Type: 4-bit Magnitude Comparator.
  • CMOS low power dissipation.
  • atch-up performance exceeds 100 mA per JESD 78 Class II Level B.
  • High noise immunity.
  • .Operating Voltage: 2V to 6V.
  • Logic Case Style: DIP.
  • No. of Pins: 16.