Soldering Iron with LED

Regular price LE 200.00

Introduction :

A high quality soldring iron.

 A soldering iron is a hand tool used to heat solder, usually from an electrical supply at high temperatures above the melting point of the metal alloy.

This allows for the solder to flow between the workpieces needing to be joined.


This compact desgined station is ideal for professional use.

Soldering can be performed and adjusted from the control knob from 100°C - 450°C. Interchangeable iron plated tips are available to make the soldering station excellent for electronic and electric use.



Features :

  • adjustable temperature knob from 100°C - 450°C.
  • Soldering Iron Length: 18.5cm.
  • Cable Length: 143cm.
  • Working Voltage: 220V.
  • Power:  40 - 60W.