Advanced Fingerprint Module

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Finger Print Sensor Module or Finger Print Scanner is a module which captures finger’s print image and then converts it into the equivalent template and saves them into its memory on selected ID (location) by Arduino. Here all the process is commanded by Arduino like taking an image of finger print, convert it into templates and storing location etc.

These modules come with flash memory to store the fingerprints and work with any microcontroller or system with TTL serial. These modules can be added to security systems, door locks, time attendance systems, and much more.



    • Voltage supply: DC 3.6 to 6.0V
    • Current supply: <120mA
    • Backlight color: green
    • Interface: UART
    • Bad rate: 9600
    • Able to store 127 different fingerprints


  • Registration system.
  • Access control systems.
  • Visitor identification