Arduino Board – NANO RP2040 WITH HEADERS –( Original Made In ITALY)

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Introduction :

Meet the only connected RP2040 board. It fits the Arduino Nano form factor, making it a small board with BIG features. The brain of the board is the Raspberry Pi RP2040 silicon; a dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ running at 133MHz. It has 264KB of SRAM, and the 16MB of flash memory is off-chip to give you extra storage.

But what’s really exciting is the on-board connectivity options. The hugely popular and highly adaptable u-blox NINA-W102 radio module is on there to make this a true IoT champion. This also means you can harness the power of the cloud, with fully Arduino Cloud compatibility. It’s got on-board, built-in sensors to turn your builds into powerhouse projects, too. Microphone and motion sensing add a depth of possibilities that’s almost impossible to find in a board of this size.


  • Microcontroller: Raspberry Pi RP2040
  • USB connector: Micro USB
  • Built-in LED pin: 13
  • Digital I/O Pins: 20
  • Analog Input Pins: 8
  • PWM pins: 20 (Except A6, A7)
  • External interrupts: 20 (Except A6, A7)
  • Wi-Fi: Nina W102 uBlox module
  • Bluetooth: Nina W102 uBlox module
  • Secure element: ATECC608A-MAHDA-T Crypto IC
  • IMU: LSM6DSOXTR: (6-axis)
  • Microphone: MP34DT05
  • UART: Yes
  • I2C: Yes
  • SPI: Yes
  • Circuit operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Input Voltage (VIN): 5-21V
  • DC Current per I/O pin: 4 mA
  • Clock speed Processor: 133 MHz
  • Memory:
    • AT25SF128A-MHB-T: 16MB Flash IC
    • Nina W102 uBlox module: 448 KB ROM, 520KB SRAM, 16MB Flash
  • Weight: 6 g
  • Width: 18 mm
  • Length: 45 mm