Traffic Light LED Display Module

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Introduction :

  • Mini traffic light module: high quality LED display module.
  • 3 colours: red, yellow, green. Vertical location.
  • Input voltage/power supply: 5V.
  • Input: digital signal output from your Arduino or controller.
  • Interface: Common cathode connection, individually controls both red, green and yellow.
  • It can be controlled by PWM.
  • Input High or Low level from controller to make LEDs ON or OFF.
  • It just support controller to contorl.
  • This module includes large 8mm Red, Yellow and Green LEDs arranged like a typical traffic light that are useful for experimenting with traffic signals, using them on a railroad model or as some type of good/caution/bad status indicators for a project.
  • The modules have current limiting resistors built-in, so they can be connected directly to the pins of an MCU.
  • You can even plug it directly into the female header of most Arduino boards where you have 3 digital pins next to a ground, such as using the Uno pins 11, 12, 13 & Gnd.
  • The LEDs are lit when a logic HIGH is applied to the pins.

Module Connections:


1×4 Header

  • G = Green LED, active HIGH
  • Y = Yellow LED, active HIGH
  • R = Red LED, active HIGH
  • GND = Ground