Current Sensor (AC - 100A)

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Introduction :

Current Sensor (AC - 100A)( SCT-013)

Current transformers (CTs) are sensors that are used for measuring alternating current.

They are particularly useful for measuring whole building electricity consumption.

The split core type is suitable for DIY use it can be clipped straight on to either the live or neutral wire coming into the building without having to do any high voltage electrical work.

Applications :

  • Current measuring.
  • Air compressor.
  • AC motor protection.

Features :

  • Input Current: 0~100A AC.
  • Output Mode: 0~50mA.
  • Non-linearity: ±3%.
  • Turn Ratio: 100A:0.05A.
  • Resistance Grade: Grade B.
  • Work Temperature: -25°C ~ ﹢70°C.