DFRduino Player MP3

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Introduction :

The Player is able to play MP3/WAV/Midi sound track on SD card. It supports two interface UART/I2C which lets other microcontroller to talk to the player.

The player support both I2C and UART interface (via jumper). The play is thus able to controlled by PC. A TTL/USB converter is required

 Features :

  • CPU:Atmega 328P
  • MP3 Chip:VS1003
  • Interface:I2C/UART
  • UART:19200/8/N/1 (TTL level)
  • I2C Address:0x35
  • Output Power:2x3W
  • Support Media:MP3,WAV,MIDI
  • Support Meida Card:1 GB Micro Card
  • Support command: Pause/Next Sound/Previoud Sound/Play Sound/ Volume Control