Infrared Proximity Sensor(5 V-36 V)

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The Infrared Proximity Sensor (E18-D80NK) is a digital proximity sensor uses an infrared LED and receiver to determine the presence of an object within a specific distance. These make great obstacle detectors and can also be used as an optical gate or in positioning applications where stopping at certain distance is needed. Mounting this sensor is quite easy – it has a long threaded body allowing for a considerable adjustment.

The sensor was originally designed to automate the counting of objects moving along a production line, but it works equally well as an obstacle avoidance sensor on a robotic vehicle or any other applications where detection of objects or obstacles within its range is desired such as for a security system or monitoring a pet door.

Detection range is approximately 3-30cm.  The range is adjustable using a multi-turn screw on the back of the sensor body.



  •  Output :NPN
  • Supply Voltage : (6:36VDC)
  • Input Current : 25mA
  • Max Current : 100mA
  • Diffuse reflective type
  • Light source: Infrared

Connections :

  • Brown wire:   voltage supply (5 : 36 V)
  • Blue wire: Ground
  • Black wire: output signal