K-Thermocouple- to-Digital Converter ( (MAX6675)

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Introduction :

K-Thermocouple- to-Digital Converter (0C to +1024C)Temperature sensor  (MAX6675)makes use of the Maxim MAX6675 K-Thermocouple to digital converter IC to provide a microcontroller compatible digital serial interface (SPI compatible) for giving an accurate temperature compensated measurement of the supplied K-Type thermocouple sensor.

Features :

  • Internal integrated cold junction compensation circuit;
  • With a simple three serial SPI interface;
  • Temperature signal can be converted into 12-bit digital
  • Embedded thermocouple break detection circuitry.
  • High impedance differential inputs.
  • Operating Voltage(VDC): 3 to 5.5
  • Temperature Range(°C): 0 to +1024
  • Cold Junction Compensation Range(°C): -20 to +80.