L295 2.5 A Driver

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Introduction :

L295 2.5 A Driver is an integrated circuit in a 15-lead Multiwat.

L295 2.5 A Driver is designed to accept standard micro-processor logic levels at the inputs and can drive2 solenoids.

L295 2.5 A Driver includes an enable input and dualsupplies (for interfacing with peripherals running ata higher voltage than the logic).

L295 2.5 A Driver is particularly suitable for applicationssuch as hammer driving in matrix printers, stepmotor driving and electromagnet controllers.

Features :

  • Supply voltage : 50 V.
  • Logic supply voltage : 12 V.
  • Enable and input voltage : 7 V.
  • Reference voltage : 7 V.
  • Peak output current (each channel) : 2.5A.