L6219 (Stepper/DC Motor Driver)

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Introduction :

L6219 (Stepper/DC Motor Driver) is a bipolar monolithic integrated circuits intended to control and drive both winding of a bipolar stepper motor or bidirectionally control two DC motors.

L6219 (Stepper/DC Motor Driver) with a few external components form acomplete control and drive circuit for LS-TTL or mi-croprocessor controlled stepper motor system.The power stage is a dual full bridge capable ofsustaining 46V and including four diodes for cur-rent recirculation.

Features :

  • Voltage range: 10 V to 46 V.
  • Half-step, full-step and micro-stepping mode.
  • Built-in protection diodes.
  • Internal PWM current control.
  • Low output saturation voltage.
  • Designed for unstabilized motor supply voltage.
  • Internal thermal shutdown.
  • Output current up to 750 mA each winding.