Linear Hall Magnetic Sensor KY-035

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Introduction :

KY-035 is a hall magnetic sensor module that houses an AH49E linear hall effect device that is operated with the help of a magnetic source. The module varies the output voltage, which is generally set by the input supply voltage and varies in proportion to the strength of the magnetic field around the sensor.

Pin Configuration of KY-035

Below is the pin configuration of the KY-035 magnetic sensor. This pin configuration can be used when connecting the module to any microcontroller.

Pin Number Pin Type
1 Signal(Analog)
2 Vcc(+5V)
3 Ground
Features of KY-035

Here are some basic features and specifications of the magnetic sensor.

  1. Supply Voltage(Vcc) – 5 V
  2. Output Current (IO) – 10 mA
  3. Operating Temperature – 40 to 100 Degrees Celcius
  4. Can detect both the magnetic poles