MCP2515 CAN Bus Transciever Interface Module

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Introduction :

Any average car consists of around 60 to 100 sensor units in it for sensing and exchanging information. With car manufactures constantly making their car more smarter with features like Autonomous driving, Airbag system, Tire Pressure monitoring, Cruise control system etc. this number is only expected to go high. Unlike other sensors, these sensors process critical information and hence the data from these sensors should be communicated using standard automotive communication protocols.

CAN which stands for Controller Area Network is used to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer. The CAN bus is in fact a good communication protocol for many applications that use multiple distributed MCUs and sensors which need to interact with each other such as in factory automation or robotics. 

MCP2515 CAN Bus Tranciever Interface Module implements the CAN 2.0B protocol for robust distributed MCU communication networks.
Connection between MCP2515 and MCU is through SPI.


Raspberry Pi - CAN Bus communicatie (GPIO)

Features :

  • Up to 1Mb/s bus speed.
  • Up to 1000 meter bus length.
  • Standard and extended data and remote frames.
  • One-shot mode.
  • Interrupt output.
  • SPI interface.
  • 5V Operation.