Optical (Infrared) Motor Encoder

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 Optical (Infrared) Motor Encoder is a speed sensor.it is a type of tachometer that is used to measure the speed of a rotating object like a motor.

It have an implemented contactless digital tachometer. 

There are many types of Speed Sensor like Hall-effect based sensors, Magnetoresistive Speed Sensor, etc.

Optical (Infrared) Motor Encoder inexpensive Infrared based Speed Sensor.

Speed sensors serves the same purpose: help us determining the rotational speed of a rotating objec

Optical (Infrared) Motor Encoder Module  uses LM393 Speed sensor with Arduino.

The LM393 Speed Sensor Module is basically an Infrared Light Sensor integrated with LM393 Voltage Comparator IC.


  •  Main chip: LM393
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Photointerrupter Width:10mm
  • Diemensions : 25mm x 20mm x 15mm