Raindrop Sensor Module

Regular price LE 65.00


This water level sensor module has a series of parallel exposed traces to measure droplets/water volume in order to determine the water level.

Very Easy to monitor water level as the output to analog signal is directly proportional to the water level.

This output analog values can be directly read via ADC and can also be connected directly Arduino's analog input pins.



  • Working Voltage : DC 3-5V
  • High quality material, durable in use
  • Features output signal LED indicator
  • Driving capacity of around 100mA, can directly drive relays, buzzer, small fan, and so on
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted via a potentiometer
  • Raindrops and control panels are separate, easy to line leads
  • Large raindrops board, more conducive detected rain
  • Board with positioning holes to facilitate installation


  • Water level monitoring.
  •  Water testing.