Servo Motor ( 15 - Metal Gear)

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Introduction :

The 15 Metal Gear Servo Motor  rotate approximately 120 degrees .

You  can  use  any  servo  code, hardware  or  library  to  control  these  servos,  so  it's  great  for beginners who want to make stuff move without building a motor controller with feedback & gear  box,  especially  since  it  will  fit  in  small  places.

servo motors you can position the motor shaft at a specific position (angle) using control signal.

The motor shaft will hold at this position as long as the control signal not changed.

This is very useful for controlling robot arms, unmanned airplanes control surface or any object that you want it to move at certain angle and stay at its new position.


Features :

  • Operating Speed:
    • 0.18sec/60degree (4.8V)
    • 0.16sec/60degree (6V)
  • Stall Torque:
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V~6V
  • Control System: Analog
  • Direction: CCW
  • Operating Angle: 180degree
  • Required Pulse: 500us-2500us
  • Bearing Type: 2BB
  • Gear Type: Metal
  • Motor Type: Carbon
  • Connector Wire Length: 30 cm
  • Dimensions: 40.8 × 20.1 × 38 mm
  • Weight: 56 g