Solar Charge Controller and Regulator (10A 12V/24V 240W)

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Introduction :

Solar Charge Controller Regulator 10A 12V/24V 240W is the second generation of solar charge control. it provide automatic lighting control function with Fully automatic operation & Electronic protections and Four load working modes:Pure lighting control,lighting control &timing control, hand operation and debug mode.This charg controller Detects day and night using the PV array, timer setting you can use on pathway lighting ,street lighting ,parking area ,bus station and etc





Features :

  • Rated charge current: 10A
  • Rated load current: 10A
  • Work voltage: 12/24 V Auto
  • Over load,short circuit protection: 1.25 rated load current 60 sec., 1.5 rated load current 5 sec. , over load protection action. 3 Rated load current short circuit protection  action
  • No load current: ≤6mA
  • Charging circuit voltage drop: ≤0.26V
  • Load circuit voltage drop: ≤0.15V
  • Over voltage Protection: 14.8V
  • Work temperature: industry stage -35C to +35C
  • Boost charge voltage: 14.6V (keep 10min.)
  • Direct charge voltage: 14.4V (keep 10min.)
  • Float charge voltage: 13.6V
  • Charge return voltage: 13.2V
  • Lower voltage indicate: 12V
  • Over discharge voltage: 11.1v (no load)
  • Over discharge return voltage: 12.6V
  • Controle mode:  PWM charge mode;modified discharge voltage by the discharge rate