Solar Panel 1.5 Watt - 5v/250mA

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Introduction :

Solar Panel 1.5 Watt - 5v/250mA

This is a small size custom 1.5 W solar panel, which works directly with many of our development boards and has a high efficiency at 16%. Unit has a clear epoxy coating with hard-board backing. Robust sealing for out door applications! The small size allows to use this solar panel in mobile applications like robots and rc vehicles.

For best Results it is recommended to use this solar panel with future electronics Egypt (Arduino Egypt) Solar/USB Lithium battery charger (LIPO Rider) and Lithium Polymer Battery.  This way you can avoid voltage variations due to clouds, shadows, sunset and weather variation. It allows you also to use your solar energy day and night!

This Solar panel comes with a  2mm JST connector.

Features :

  • Typical peak power¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†1.5W
    Voltage at peak power        5v
    Current at peak power        250mA
    Length                               110 mm
    Width                                 70 mm
    Depth                                 1.5 mm      
    Efficiency                             15.5%