Teensy® 2.0 Development Board

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Introduction :

The Teensy 2.0 is a fully USB-based microcontroller development system with very small dimensions.

It is based around ATmega32u4 (AVR) microcontroller running at 16 MHz.

It has 25 I/O lines in total. 12 could work as analog inputs, and 7 works as outputs with PWM (some I/O lines can work in many modes).

All the programming takes place via the USB interface.

No special programming device is required — just a standard mini-B USB cable and a PC or a Macintosh computer with a USB interface.



Features :

  • USB can be any type of device
  • AVR processor, 16 MHz
  • Single pushbutton programming
  • Easy to use Teensy Loader application
  • Free software development tools
  • Works with Mac OS X, Linux & Windows
  • Tiny size, perfect for many projects