Text to Speech Module

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Introduction :

Give your project a voice.

Text-to-Speech Module is a multi-language voice synthesizer that converts a stream of digital text into natural sounding speech. Its simple command-based interface makes it easy to integrate into any embedded system.

High quality speech module for English and Chinese languages

This module is based on XFS5051CE speech synthesis chip from IFLYTEK.

It combines world leading technology and high degree of integration. Languages such as Chinese and English are both supported.

Three interfaces are available for use with this module: UART, I2C and SPI.

Ā Features :

  • Input Voltage : 5 V.
  • Supporting Modes :UART, I2C and SPI.
  • Languages :English and Chinese.
  • Speaking Speed :11 levels of speaking grade



Applications :

  • Vending Machines.
  • Voice Announcer.
  • Smart Attendance.
  • Intelligant Devices.