Thermocouple Type-K (0:1000 °C)

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Introduction :

A Type K thermocouple refers to any temperature sensor containing Chromel and Alumel conductors,

Thermocouple Type-K (0:1000 °C) temperature measurement range is wide, cost is low, the accuracy of this class 1 type K is ±1.5°C over the range (40 to +1000°C.)

 Thermocouple Type-K (0:1000 °C) measures air and liquid temperature and can be attached to objects.

Features :

  • Measuring range: -40 to +1000°C.
  • Accuracy: ±1.5°C over the range -40 to +1000°C.

Applications :

  • Temperature control equipment.
  • Medical electronis.
  • Chemical industry.