Timing Pulley GT2 (36 Teeth-5mm Inner Diameter-6mm Width)

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Introduction :

The GT2 pulley with 36 teeth or grooves is one of the best choices for 3d printer construction or XYZ linear motion for small CNC because the GT2 pulley tooth profile is anti-backlash. 

Why? The rounded teeth of this tooth and belt are engaged together longer providing a smoother transition between teeth. This is what you need for your 3D printer or transmission mechanism.

This pulley has 36 teeth, and a 5mm inner bore. Two set screws can be used to attach it firmly to any 5mm diameter shaft. Full aluminum construction means these are very light and very durable.

    • Pitch: 2mm
    • Tooth: 36
    • Inner Diameter: 5mm
    • Flange: Dual
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Belt Width: 6mm