Waterproof Distance Measuring Ultrasonic Sensor

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This product uses industrial-grade integrated ultrasonic probe design, waterproof, stable performance, all the MCU on the market.

The module ultrasonic distance measurement module can provide 20cm-600cm non-contact distance sensing function, ranging accuracy up to 2mm; module includes the transceiver of one of the ultrasonic sensor and control circuit.

Mode one usage and the Division’s HC-SR04 module.

Lead length 2.5M



  • Waterproof
  •  provide 20cm-600cm non-contact distance sensing function,
  • Lead length 2.5M
  • small size, easy to use
  • wide power supply range, low power consumption
  • high precision, high resolution
  • detection of blind spots, farther away
  • the output method of diversification, pulse width output, serial output.



  • horizontal ranging;
  • obstacle avoidance, automatic control;
  • close to the object, there is a detective
  • traffic control;
  • security, industrial control;
  • artificial intelligence, teaching and research