WiFi ESP8266 Serial TTL Module

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Introduction :

This ESP8266 Serial Port To Wi-Fi Module, FL-M1S  serial transceiver module, based on (ESP8266 ESP 01 )with an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack It can either host the application or offload all Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor.

ESP8266 has powerful onboard processing and storage capabilities allowing it to integrate with sensors and other devices through GPIOs with minimal development up-front and minimal loading during runtime.

Its high degree of on-chip integration allows for minimal external circuitry, and the entire solution, including the front-end module, is designed to occupy minimal Pcb area.


ESP - 01 ESP8266 serial WIFI module » Aaenics

Features :

  • Flash Memory : 1MB.
  • Working Voltage : 3.3 - 3.6V
  • Power down leakage current of <10uA.
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Support three modes: AP, STA and AP+STA coexistence mode
  • Onboard PCB Antenna
  • Integrated low power 32-bit.
  •  2 microcontroller pins needed for communication (RXD/TXD).