Wireless Module Serial UART ( SI4432 433MHz RF 1000m outdoor)

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Introduction :

Wireless Module Serial UART (1000M Range-433 Mhz) module is a low-power and high range wireless communication solution that is ideal for Smart home automation, smart lighting, industrial sensor data acquisition and remote control applications.

The module also includes a microcontroller with preprogrammed firmware that provides seamless connection via a TTL serial UART interface.

Transceiver based on the SI4432 Silicon Labs chip
Industry standard model
Capacitive components manufactured by Murata with 10ppm high precision glass
Outdoors - a distance of up to 1 km

Features :

  • - Supply voltage: 1.8 ~ 3.6VDC
    (Note: a voltage higher than 3.6 V will cause permanent damage to the module)
    - Communication level: 0.7VDC ~ 3.6V (VCC refers to the module supply voltage)
    - Working frequency: 425M ~ 525MHz (via software setting, the module uses 30M glass)
    - Measured distance: 1500m (clear and open, maximum power, height 1.5m, air speed 1k)
    - Transmission power: up to 20dBm (about 100mW)
    - Air rate: 0.123k ~ 256Kbps (software adjustable, low airspeed recommended)
    - Shutdown current: 0.5uA (in shutdown mode )
    - Emission current: 85mA @ 100dBm (the power supply capacity must be greater than 200 mA)
    - Received current: 18.5mA (average)
    - RSSI support
    - Communication interface: SPI (up to 10Mbps)
    - Transmission length: single packet from 1 to 64 bytes (single packet)
    - Received length: single packet from 1 to 64 bytes (single packet)
    - Antenna interface: spring antenna (characteristic impedance of 50Ω)
    - Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 „ƒ (industrial grade)
    - Operating humidity: 10% to 90% (relative humidity, without condensation)
    - Reception sensitivity: -121dBm at 1 kbps